The 3 things to know before buying a body composition scale

1st  Does the scale manufacturer require patients to meet certain pre-test restrictions in order to provide accurate results? 

2nd  You should be able to complete an accurate test from start to printout in hand in less than 30 seconds. 

3rd  Don’t pay for what you won’t use. Intra and extra cellular water data can cost thousands of dollars.

Valhalla Scientific’s Body Comp Scales have ZERO pre-test restrictions.

Fewer Restrictions = Greater Reliability

Pre-test restrictions limit the effective accuracy of a body composition device because they limit the number of real-world conditions under which testing can take place. 

 More restrictions mean less accuracy, greater measurement fluctuations, and significantly more stress for both the operator and patient.

Click on this link to watch a 2-minute video about “The Body Fat Bounce Effect”