For more than 40 years, Robard Corporation’s obesity treatment programs have been used by physicians, surgeons and hospitals across the United States to treat patients living with obesity. Our programs employ patient behavior modification, comprehensive medical protocols and scientifically designed nutritional products to facilitate weight loss in patients with obesity and related chronic conditions.  

Why New Direction Advanced is Exceptional 

New Direction Advanced is an evidence-based program that’s complimented by scientifically-designed nutrition products and best-in-class clinical and business services to help health care providers easily incorporate a medically-supervised obesity treatment program into their practices or hospital setting. We provide the turnkey tools necessary to help make your program a success, to improve outcomes and provide significant revenues. The program includes:

  • Clinical Studies Showing that our Programs Successfully Treat Obesity without Drugs
    New Direction Advanced was developed as the result of a comprehensive review and application of current academic research. This research resulted in one of the most scientifically advanced programs and product lines available for medically supervised weight management.
  • Medical Protocols
    We consistently consult with experts in the field of obesity treatment to enhance our medical protocols and advance modern approaches for evidence-based patient management and treatment.
  • “State of the Science” Meal Replacement Products
    Our scientifically designed meal replacement products provide patients with enhanced nutrition and longer-lasting satiety — all while maintaining the excellent taste and variety of flavors that Robard is recognized for.
  • Psychology-based Behavior Education and Maintenance Programs
    Our wide-ranging education curriculum was developed and is regularly reviewed by leading authorities in the fields of behavior, exercise, and nutrition.

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