Protidiet is a weight-loss treatment. This treatment is based on scientific data and its application conforms to a strict protocol.This weight-loss method provides the fastest weight-loss results in the world and, it is safe when used properly. Many Canadian, American and European physicians prescribe dietary protein intake for their patients by following a rigorous and specific protocole. 

More precisely, ProtiDiet is a weight loss cure with biological values in which the proteins, vitamins and mineral salts are digested. This weight loss protein diet is derived from the clinical studies done by Dr. George Blackburn, nutritional specialist from Harvard University. During his studies of the chemical, metabolic and psychological effects in youth, this eminent professor determined that our organism, while being deprived of nutrition, drains the energy needed for functioning from our body muscles and not the body fat. The loss of weight is then a result from muscle mass loss and not fat loss which is highly dangerous for your health.

Professor Blackburn also discovered that proteins have the unique characteristic to protect muscle mass. In result when we lower the fat and sugar contents and consume a precise dose of protein, the organism that produces the necessary energy for its proper functionality, reacts and transforms fat to calories. Result: fat melts and muscle is protected.

Contrary to high calorie diet, the protein diet favors fast and important reductions to the measurements, especially at waist level, hips, thighs and buttocks. An added bonus, it helps reduce the look of cellulite. The ready to eat line of products consists of bars, powders, soups, cookies, concentrates, muffins and other meals and snack high in protein enabling the ease of weight loss. Taste is our biggest source of inspiration! Discover our premium quality nutritional products and supplements »