IMNE presents, “What’s the Role of Weight Loss Pharmacotherapy in Obesity Management: A Mythbusters Micropublication Activity” , a microlearning CME/CE activity. This activity features short, targeted publications including audio clips of faculty discussion from a symposium held in conjunction with ObesityWeek 2019, to help obesity-treating providers fully understand the evolving role of weight loss pharmacotherapy. Are these statements myths or facts? You decide!

  • Obesity pharmacotherapies aren’t complementary because they affect the same pathway
  • Obesity pharmacotherapies aren’t safe in the context of comorbid conditions
  • Obesity pharmacotherapy cannot provide benefits comparable to bariatric surgery
  • Developments for treatment of specific inherited obesity disorders will not benefit people who don’t have obesity due to the specific disorder

Obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) are related conditions, so it is important that obesity HCPs are also well educated on advancements in T2D treatment. Guidelines are changing rapidly and include recent updates concerning use of specific agents to reduce cardiovascular risk. IMNE offers an applauded praised curriculum covering the latest updates to the American Diabetes Association guidelines. This curriculum  includes podcasts and microlearning publications, which will be periodically updated to include the most recent evidence-based clinical information. Future educational offerings in the curriculum will include a virtual meeting and a case study series. HCPs can also download patient education pieces to aid in patient-centered decision making.