Karli Burridge is a board-certified Physician Assistant, specializing in Obesity Medicine. She is comprehensively trained in medical obesity treatment, as well as in bariatric surgery. Prior to becoming a PA, she studied clinical exercise physiology at the graduate level, and she is passionate about sharing the benefits of physical activity with her patients and her peers. She enjoys helping patients achieve their health goals using science-based interventions, in a comfortable and compassionate environment.

Karli has worked in exclusively in obesity treatment for the past 7 years. She earned her Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine in 2017. She is very involved in national initiatives to improve obesity care, and to further obesity medicine education for other clinicians.  She is immediate past Chairperson for the PA/NP Committee for the Obesity Medicine Association, and president of the PA Special Interest Group in Obesity Medicine. She was the recipient of OMA’s Committee Leadership Award in 2017, and the Dr. Vernon B. Astler award in 2018.